How to anonymize personal data inside a database?

Don’t forget to anonymize your personal data, it will allow you to have production-like data in your development or testing environment.

Anonymization is the technique of making personal data unidentifiable by encrypting or removing identifying information. Once a person can no longer be re-identified, the data is no longer considered personal and is not subject to GDPR regulations.

Data that has had personal identifying information removed can still have value, as characteristics such as general location, age range, generation, or gender can be useful for analysis.

Our Anonymize API can help you do just that. By setting a minimum and maximum range/distance, you can protect your customers’ anonymity while still maintaining geolocation data that’s useful for analytics. And, our solution is fully GDPR-compliant.

Watch the demo here:

Download the Python script here:

Contact us ( and we will provide you with an API key. We’re happy to provide a live demo!

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