MonkeyDWH™ for Synapse – DWH Automation

After many hours of deploying a data architecture on Microsoft Azure…
You’ll still need to develop pipelines, datasets, and many database objects per source table.

With MonkeyDWH™ for Synapse you’re able to add a source to your Data Warehouse (DWH) and a dimension to your Data Mart (DM) in less than 10 minutes, as demonstrated in the informative video on YouTube.

What is it?

Generate Dedicated SQL Pool database- and Azure Data Factory (ADF) objects based on the meta data of your data source(s) for Azure Synapse Analytics.

While being fully integrated within the Azure Synapse Studio, MonkeyDWH™ for Synapse reduces DWH development time up to 95%! And runs within your own Azure tenant, totally without a vendor lock.

How does it look?

How does it work?

Ready for a demo?

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